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From quaint corners to hipster hideouts, discover the crème de la crème of London's coffee scene – because life is too short for bad coffee and bland vibes.

London, the city that never sleeps (mostly due to the caffeine), boasts an eclectic mix of coffee shops that can turn even the staunchest tea-drinker into a latte lover. From the invasion of the flat white in 2005 to the rise of specialty beans and hipster havens, the capital's coffee evolution has been nothing short of revolutionary. So, fellow coffee enthusiasts, buckle up as we navigate through the streets to uncover the best coffee joints – where good beans and great vibes collide.

Monmouth Coffee

Multiple Locations 

In the heart of Seven Dials, Monmouth Coffee is the OG caffeine haven of London, paving the way for artisanal coffee before it was even cool. Founded in 1978 by Anita Leroy, one half of a Covent Garden power couple alongside Neal’s Yard Dairy founder Randolph Hodgson, Monmouth is the epitome of quality over trends. With its original Covent Garden spot, the iconic Borough Market branch (where queues twist like Shakespearean plotlines on Saturday mornings), and a hidden gem in Bermondsey's railway arches, Monmouth Coffee is as much a pilgrimage as it is a coffee stop. The staff, akin to coffee whisperers, guide you through their meticulously sourced beans to help you find your perfect cup. The vibe? Chic enough to make you check if you need a guest list. And hey, coffee aficionados, they've got pastries by the likes of Little Bread Pedlar and Chocolarder. Just remember, seating is like good ideas at a brainstorming session – limited.


Kaffeine via Facebook

Multiple Locations

Kaffeine is the closest thing to a Kiwi coffee haven you'll find in London – an Antipodean oasis amid the hustle and bustle. With red brick walls and box-crate tables, it's a buzzing slip of a place that exudes coffee cool. The menu boasts artisan sandwiches, inventive salads, and a banana bread toasted to perfection, a must-have (and practically a Kiwi café rite). The coffee, strong, smooth, and consistently great, is practically the liquid sunshine of London. If you find yourself rubbing shoulders with a stranger, fear not – the crowd at Kaffeine is as friendly as their espresso shots are potent.


Multiple Locations

In 2010, New Zealand's coffee superhero, Allpress Espresso, decided to grace London with its presence, bringing not just smooth roasted beans but a laidback surfer vibe to the coffee scene. Starting on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, it quickly became the go-to spot for caffeine aficionados. So popular, in fact, that when the lease came up in 2015, Allpress realized it had outgrown the space, relocating to an airy old joiner's factory in Dalston. The Hackney mothership is a coffee connoisseur's haven, offering fruity filters, silky espressos, powerful cold brews, and freshly ground beans – a true bean-to-cup extravaganza. The sandwiches and breakfast platters aren't half bad either, and on a sunny day, the leafy front garden is a surprisingly peaceful space to sip a morning brew.


Grind via Facebook

Multiple Locations 

Grind, the pink palace of caffeine cool, has conquered London with its irresistible blend of coffee expertise and millennial-chic aesthetics. While the emphasis often leans toward the restaurant and cocktail bar, the dedicated espresso bar in London Bridge is a clandestine haven for caffeine aficionados. Whether you slip in for a weekday breakfast, brunch on the weekends, or an afternoon pick-me-up, Grind's certified organic beans promise a top-notch long black, flat white, or latte.


catalyst coffee via facebook

48 Grays Inn Rd, Chancery Ln, London WC1X 8LT

Opened by Alexander Gkikas in 2016, Catalyst boasts a chic and serene Scandi-style ambiance, adorned with cacti and bathed in natural light. The appeal lies in their egalitarian approach to coffee, offering everything from no-name lattes to complex, double-anaerobic-fermentation brews that defy the snobbery of the specialty coffee world. However, Catalyst's pièce de résistance is their homemade Coffee Sriracha, a piquant, caffeine-infused hot sauce that elevates dishes like grilled aubergine and tahini on Coombeshead Farm sourdough. Coffee is roasted on-site in the basement with a Diedrich Roaster, and patrons can witness the process.

Coffee Island

Coffee Island via Facebook

5 Upper St Martin's Ln, London WC2H 9EA

Step into Coffee Island at 5 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, and you'll feel like you've been magically transported to a European coffee haven – it's the closest you can get to a Milanese espresso experience without a plane ticket. This caffeinated gem not only offers a mountain of classic and unique coffee blends to satisfy every craving but also invites you to get hands-on at the grinding station, allowing you to craft your custom coffee blend.

Kiss The Hippo

Kiss The Hippo via Facebook

Multiple Locations 

Kiss the Hippo's flagship cafe on Sheen Road is a breath of fresh air in this epicurean landscape. Beyond its quirky name, this café is a trailblazer in sustainability and innovation since its inception in 2018. With a commitment to ethical sourcing, Kiss the Hippo pays farmers at least 50% more than Fair Trade prices for their beans, setting a new standard for quality and transparency. The environmentally sound Loring S15 Falcon roaster further enhances their green initiatives, making them the first carbon-negative coffee company in London.


Little Places London

28 Fulham Palace Rd, London W6 9PH

Founded by Jerome Dwyer, this café was a beacon of hope for flat white enthusiasts in an area starved of decent coffee in the early 2010s. Today, Antipode continues to serve steamy cups of Square Mile joe, but it has evolved into more than just a coffee haven. With an ambiance inspired by Melbourne's laneway cafés, Antipode offers a delightful selection of low-intervention wines, Aussie beer, and evening cocktails. The menu, featuring light sandwiches and salads with a twist, provides a welcome respite for Hammersmith office workers tired of mundane chain cafes. As the sun sets, the café metamorphoses into a lively bar, setting the stage for a night of wine, cocktails, and, of course, Australian beer.


Multiple Locations

Ozone Coffee, founded 25 years ago in New Zealand and a London fixture for 11 years, is the epitome of international coffee culture. This specialty coffee company takes pride in fostering enduring change in the coffee landscape, valuing sustainable practices and responsible enjoyment. With B Corp Certification, Ozone cultivates direct relationships with coffee communities worldwide, offering some of the finest specialty coffee to customers online and through various eateries in the UK and New Zealand. Their London locations, including the original near Old Street and the Bethnal Green cafe, embody a commitment to sustainability and low-waste dining. Despite lockdown, Ozone's coffee shop and eatery on Emma Street remain open, offering a delightful takeaway menu with options like the mouthwatering bacon eggs Benedict bun.

Prufrock Coffe

Prufrock Coffee via Facebook

23-25 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7TE

No reservations? No problem. The expansive space ensures you'll always find a spot to savor their exceptional blends. Prufrock Coffee, founded by three passionate coffee enthusiasts a decade ago, has evolved into a team of seasoned coffee professionals committed to serving happiness in a cup. With a dedication to supporting local producers and small-scale growers, they feature a dynamic coffee menu showcasing beans from Square Mile and esteemed roasters worldwide. From fruity Ethiopian to sweet Colombian, the options are as diverse as they are delightful. Prufrock's Kitchen complements the coffee experience with a seasonal array of home-cooked breakfast and lunch options, sourcing top-quality ingredients from notable UK producers.