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Image Credit: Midnight Apothecary via Facebook

Unearth London's Green Gastronomy: Discover the City's Hidden Organic Food Gems!

London's Organic Food Scene: Where Taste Meets Nature in a Delicious Tango! From farm-fresh feasts to culinary wizardry with a green twist, we're spilling the (organic) beans on where to savor the city's most mouthwatering, eco-conscious delights. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your soul in this verdant foodie paradise!

The Hornbeam Cafe

The Hornbeam Centre and Cafe via Facebook

458 Hoe St, London E17 9AH

The Hornbeam is a community organisation and vegetarian café based in Walthamstow working to promote sustainable, low-cost living. The café provides delicious plant-based meals and works on a pay-what-you feel ethos so you can give what is affordable to you (and those that aren't in a position can take it for free!). Alongside this, The Hornbeam continues to run community food projects locally, redistributing food from the centre using cycle volunteers and weekly wellbeing walks. They are also happy to impart any advice you may need on organic and sustainable living. 

The Cafe is now open Thurs-Sat 9am-3am

If you wish to get involved in any of their community projects, click here

Midnight Apothecary

Railway Ave, London SE16 4LF

Lottie Muir, gardener and mixologist, has transformed a rooftop in Rotherhithe into a sweet garden hideaway known as the Midnight Apothecary where you can sample a range of cocktails infused with the ingredients grown in the very garden you are sitting in. Nestled above the Brunel museum, this mystical bar is a great place for a date or a relaxed drink with friends, where you can try drinks made with fresh herbs and flowers. Their menu is seasonally changing and is mixed with local ales and spirits (and low in refined sugar) so you're always in for a pleasant botanical suprise. You can find more information about it here.

Growing Communities Farmer's Market

Growing Communities Farmers Market via Facebook

St Pauls Church, Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7UY

Growing Communities Farmers Market is Hackney's heartwarming oasis of organic goodness! This passionate social enterprise is on a mission to revolutionize London's food landscape with a fairer, sustainable approach. Their Saturday market, the UK's only 100% organic market, boasts an incredible range of produce from nearby Kent and Essex – think eggs, cheese, fish, meat, and a bounty of veggies. Don't miss their delightful handmade bread, cake, and even organic wine and beer! Join their 'veg scheme' for a hassle-free box of veg and explore scrumptious recipes on their website. Feeling adventurous? Dive into community farming with their pioneering volunteer program. Don't miss the green magic every Saturday from 10 am to 2.30 pm!

Loughborough Farm

Image Credit:

Loughborough Rd, London SW9 7XD

Founded in 2008, The Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG) is a volunteer-led charity transforming the Junction's environment and empowering the community. With an emphasis on skill-sharing, greening, children's activities, and place-making, LJAG fosters a valuable network for enthusiastic individuals.

Loughborough Farm, a flourishing community food growing project, welcomes volunteers eager to learn about planting, harvesting, and crop care. They even provide plants and herbs to local council estates for balcony gardening. Join the garden team or participate in fun events and craft evenings. Don't miss their monthly veggie and artisanal products sale every first Saturday.

Grab a coffee, savor delicious cakes and vegetarian lunches at their cafe, open Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 3 pm. For more information, email

The Farm W5

Image Credit:

19 The Grn, London W5 5DA

Another well-known, well loved organic food market can be found in W5, Ealing. The Farm W5 has been operating for over 20 years with a mission to provide high-quality, delicious meals and groceries at the heart of what they do. Their farm-to-table approach and 'fresh' philosophy brings you the reassurance of no additives and no preservatives. 

Once you've finished browsing the colourful displays of fresh fruits and vegetables and have worked up an appetite, visit their cafe where you can sample delicious, organic food with an ethical promise.

The Cafe is open Monday to Saturday 8am-7.30pm and Sundays 11-6pm. 

Planet Organic

Multiple Locations

Planet Organic, the renowned organic supermarket in London, is a true haven for health enthusiasts. From raw foods to beauty products, they spare no effort in providing natural and sustainable offerings. As the first Soil Association-certified store, they champion organic agriculture and environmental responsibility. With a zero edible food waste policy, a range of sustainable packaging options, and a commitment to community support, Planet Organic sets the standard for ethical business practices. Their knowledgeable teams offer expert advice, and they host engaging events to foster learning and community engagement. Inside the store, every product undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring only the best ingredients make the cut. With a focus on supporting local causes, offering discounts to students and NHS staff, and nurturing emerging brands, Planet Organic thrives as a vibrant community of health-conscious individuals. 

Earth Natural Foods

200 Kentish Town Rd, London NW5 2AE

Earth Natural Foods, North London's premier independent natural food retailer, is a haven of culinary excellence. Bursting with organic and FairTrade treasures, it caters to diverse dietary needs, from vegetarian wholefoods to gluten-free delights. A sought-after health food haven, this gem offers an enticing range that satisfies cravings and remedies, including the must-try gluten-free brownies. With a reputation as one of London's finest organic food shops, Earth Natural Foods boasts a curated collection that spans organic fruits, artisan cheeses, dairy, and even organic champagnes and wines. From freshly baked bread to herbal remedies, it's a sanctuary where fairtrade, vegan, and biodynamic options harmonize, inviting you to indulge in an organic symphony of flavors.

Roam their aisles for a sensory adventure through teas, coffees, supplements, and herbal remedies that nurture both body and spirit.


Daylesford Organic via Facebook

Multiple Locations

Daylesford Farm Shop & Cafe in London is the ultimate organic haven, offering wholesome produce grown exclusively on their Cotswolds farm. Ethical and sustainable sourcing is at the heart of their offerings, from delightful cheese to an abundant array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether you're planning a romantic meal or a family feast, this organic paradise won't disappoint. Founded by Lady Carole Bamford, Daylesford has evolved into one of the UK's most sustainable farms, supplying restaurants across the country with organic goodness. At their Brompton Cross branch, savor truly organic dishes made with farm-grown ingredients, from green pastured beef burgers to sourdough pizzas and colorful salad bowls. With a commitment to zero waste and eco-friendly practices, Daylesford leads the way in reducing their environmental impact. Don't miss this culinary treasure, where deliciousness meets sustainability in every delectable bite!

The Rosemary

The Rosemary via Facebook

178 New Cross Rd, London SE14 5AA

Step into The Rosemary, your friendly neighbourhood restaurant in New Cross Gate, where Hungarian-inspired delights await! With a dedication to organic goodness, they dish up traditional and hearty fare sourced from certified organic farms. From the indulgent strudel-baked brie to the rich and savory goulash, each dish is a culinary masterpiece made with love and the finest ingredients. Savor a Hungarian trifle that features three delightful types of sponge cake – a true treat for your taste buds. But the impressive commitment to the environment doesn't end there! The Rosemary proudly boasts its own aquaponics technology, a harmonious blend of fish farming and plant growing, making it a restaurant that nurtures both your palate and the planet. So, venture into this organic oasis, where Hungarian flavors and eco-consciousness unite for an unforgettable dining experience!

Ethical Edibles

5 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ

Ethical Edibles, the sophisticated health food shop in London, is a treasure trove of sustainable and wholesome delights. From no-added sugar jams to exquisite wines sourced from traditional estates in Italy, they curate a range that celebrates ethical eating. Their dedication to fair trade, traditional processing, and organic goodness shines through every product, making them a true advocate of healthier and fairer standards. Savor the elegance of Schiaccionaia organic wines and the richness of Sellari Franceschini's limited-edition Morello and Morellino of Scansano. Pair these with their exquisite olive oils and authentic Sienese panpepato and panforte for a truly gourmet experience. Complementing their delights, the Natural Coffee Company offers top-quality, organic Arabica beans for a perfect cup of coffee. With their commitment to ethics and passion for regional Italy, Ethical Edibles earns a well-deserved spot on our list of London's best health food shops.