Top 5 Alternative Tours of London

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For those who've really seen it all. See London through a different perspective with these quirky tours.

You don't need a tour. You know London, right? Wrong! There is always more to find out about the UK's capital, and we've handpicked five tours that will teach you a little while delivering a lot of fun. Here are our Top 5 Alternative Tours of London.

Highgate Cemetery Tour

Highgate Cemetery’s stunning western grounds are only accessible through the graveyard’s guided tours. Beginning in Highgate Chapel, these excursions explore the cemetery’s graves and catacombs and are the best ways to learn about the lives of individuals buried there. Prices start at £12, and must be booked in advance on weekdays. There is also a tour of the eastern cemetery available on selected dates, including a stop at the grave of Karl Marx, a popular site for visitors. It’s a matter of grave importance that you try these outings!

For more information on the Highgate Cemetery Tour, see their website.

London Ghost Bus Tour

From the dead to the living dead. If you are a fan of a fright, there is no better way to scare the night away than a quick circuit with the London Ghost Bus. This driven excursion promises to reveal the “gruesome past” buried beneath our feet, packed full with bloody murders and ghoulish reawakenings. Stops on the tour include the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tour of London. There will also be plenty of in-bus entertainment with a few mysterious passengers stowed away in the vehicle’s darker corners. Expect a scarily good night with this pick!

Individual Tickets for Adults start at £21. See the Ghost Bus Tour’s website for information on group bookings, time sand concessions.

Chocolate Tour of London

The problem with most tours is that there’s too much walking, and not enough eating. The Chocolate Tour of London redresses that balance with a guided journey through the many chocolate shops of Soho and Mayfair. Starting at the Algerian Coffee Store on Old Compton street, you will be whisked through a selection of delicious destinations learning all there is to know about the capital’s ties with confectionary. Free samples are - of course - included, as well as a series of store discounts specific to the tour. Perfect as a gift and just perfect for yourself: try this tour - it’s sweeeet!

All information on the Chocolate Tour of London can be found here.

Photo credit: Gary Knight

Loo Tours of London

“Yes, you heard that right. We are the best and only public lavatory-themed walking tour,” proclaims the Loo Tours of London website. You heard them: if you want to know all there is to know about the city’s restrooms, this is the only tour for you. Visit the city’s many loos and discover their stories. Learning about toilets needn’t be a toil: this vibrant excursion is led by a friendly group of guides, who enliven the otherwise murky subject. There are currently two locations—Waterloo and Bloomsbury—and more tours may be coming soon! Don’t be a party pooper - sign up for the Loo Tour of London today!

Find out everything you need to know about the Loo Tour on their website.

Sustainable Architecture Tour

For those either environmentally or architecturally focused, this tour might be for you. The Sustainable Architecture Tour of London explores the city’s greenest buildings, explaining their design and maintenance. The tour begins with the sleek structures of Liverpool Street before heading south through the City skyscrapers and towards the modern riverside spots. You couldn’t build a better route! And if architecture isn’t your scene, The Sustainable Architecture Tours’ parent company Insider Tours offers a Street Art, Fashion and even a Finance tour!

The Sustainable Architecture Tour is only available to private booking. See the Insider Tour’s website for further details.