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Down To Earth Yoga via Facebook

Discover our top places to bend, stretch and centre with the best yoga in London!

London, the city of iconic landmarks and bustling streets, may seem like an unlikely sanctuary for inner peace and tranquility. But fear not, weary urban warriors, amidst the hustle and bustle lies a hidden oasis of zen—the city's best-kept secrets for yoga enthusiasts. From serene studios that boast skyline views to quirky nooks nestled between coffee shops, we've scoured the capital to unearth the most soul-soothing, mat-unrolling, namaste-inducing yoga classes. So, loosen those tight city shoulders, and prepare to downward-dog your way to blissful enlightenment, London style. Read on to discover where you can find the best yoga classes in London...


Frame via Facebook

Multiple Locations 

Get ready to FRAME your way to yoga bliss in London's King's Cross and beyond! This popular fitness spot offers a range of energizing yoga classes, catering to all abilities with variations like Beginner Yoga to Power Yoga. Their 'Anti-Desk Yoga' class is a lunchtime pick-me-up specially designed to release office-worker tensions. Founded by Pip Black and Joan Murphy, FRAME aims to make fitness enjoyable and inclusive with a variety of classes, from non-stop Frame Rave to Carnival Rebounding. With a rough-around-the-edges aesthetic, their dedicated yoga studio in King's Cross and classes held across their cool gyms ensure you'll 'nama-stay' all day. Prices range from £16 per class with an intro offer of two classes for £20 to memberships starting at £60 for six classes or £180 for unlimited classes in any studio. So, limber up, book your spot, and strike a pose.


Triyoga via Facebook

Multiple Locations 

Discover true yogi bliss at Triyoga, London's beloved haven offering an array of classes for every practitioner. With over 20 years of popularity, Triyoga's studios welcome you with a calming atmosphere, and a wide range of sessions, from dynamic ashtanga and vinyasa to non-postural and therapeutic options. They cater to all, including families, kids, pregnant individuals, and those seeking specialized classes to cope with cancer and its treatments. Triyoga's inclusive approach has made it a favourite among diverse age groups and abilities.

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of yoga, pilates, and well-being, and uncover a sanctuary away from the bustling city. Prices start at just £12 per class, while monthly and annual memberships begin at £105 per month. Whether you're seeking dynamic flows or soothing practices, Triyoga's holistic offerings will leave you refreshed, relaxed, and ready to embrace your yogi journey. 

One Yoga London

One Yoga London Via Facebook

Priory Park, Priory Park Pavilion, London N8 8LN

Welcome to One Yoga London, the ultimate boutique yoga studio in Hornsey, where minds, bodies, and spirits unite. Their friendly instructors cater to all levels, from beginners finding their confidence to seasoned pretzel masters. Step into their calming studios, lovingly known as the Sacred Shed, for a tranquil ambiance and fully equipped space with mats, blankets, and props provided. Whether you attend in-person classes at Hornsey Town Hall or join virtually, One Yoga offers diverse options to suit your needs. With prices starting at £14 per class and an introductory offer of £35 for 14 days, you'll embark on a blissful journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Founded in 2015, this welcoming community thrives under the guidance of Belle Amooty, Holly Park, and Vanessa Heartly. Unwind, stretch, and nurture yourself in the heart of Crouch End, and experience the benefits of yoga at One Yoga London.

Digme Fitness

Digme via Facebook

Multiple Locations 

Experience yoga bliss at Digme (formerly Another Space), London's bright and airy chain of fitness studios welcoming all levels of practitioners. With a variety of sessions to elevate heart rates, soothe minds, and improve flexibility, Digme feels like a home away from home. Their lush changing rooms and epic smoothie bar ensure you're pampered, while qualified instructors with over 350 hours of training guide you through on-the-mat or online classes. Prices start at £20 for 2 classes, and with their 2-week introductory offer at just £35 and 50% off memberships. Inspired by the famous Ironman beach in Hawaii, Digme isn't just about elite performance but setting ambitious fitness goals and achieving more than you ever imagined. Founded by Caoimhe Bamber, who traded a City lawyer career for fitness entrepreneurship, Digme spreads the joy of yoga and fitness across London. 

Down To Earth Yoga

Down To Earth Yoga via Facebook

225 & 225A, Brecknock Rd, London N19 5AA

Down To Earth yoga, a North London gem, is an independent studio founded by a Central St. Martins graduate with a passion for the practice. With classes that aren't packed to the brim, you'll have plenty of space to relax and expand in your practice, and the attention you deserve to grow. The studio itself is a design mag-worthy haven, housed in a former piano factory adorned with pot-plants and wood tables. Breathe life into your yoga journey with a variety of styles, including pregnancy and baby & me yoga, and deepen your practice with workshops and classes. Don't forget to book online, but if you're feeling spontaneous, drop-in for £17. Mats and equipment are provided, and you can elevate your zen with an unlimited membership for £125. Get ready to strike a pose and find your peace at Down To Earth—it's where the magic happens!

A Fine Balance

173 St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, Essex, London RM14 3BL

Step into the world of A Fine Balance yoga, where finding your zen is the perfect remedy for life's corporate burnout. Founded by the dynamic Hannah Noble, this wellness wonderland caters to individuals seeking health benefits and businesses promoting employee wellbeing. With daily yoga, meditation, and wellness classes available live, in-studio, or on demand, they've got all the angles covered. Get ready for the most varied line-up of yoga classes in the capital, from morning yoga flows to classic hatha sessions that'll leave you feeling as balanced as a yogi on a tightrope. Experience the healing power of sound at their Flow and Sound yoga classes or embrace the tranquility of slow flow and meditation. For expectant mothers, there's tailor-made pregnancy yoga, while yin yoga offers an escape from modern life. Whether virtually or in-person at their Upminster gym, A Fine Balance will have you feeling harmonious and grounded. 

<> Yoga Rise

Bussey Building, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN

Say hello to Yogarise, the laid-back, family-run yoga studio that's all about fun and flexibility! With a variety of classes ranging from Yin-Yang to Mindful Flow, they've got you covered on the mat. If you're a newbie or feeling nervous, don't worry – they've got dedicated beginner sessions just for you! And guess what? Their prices are as chill as their vibe, with community classes for a fiver and retreats in scenic places like Portugal. Need a rooftop yoga fix? Join them in Peckham during the summer! They've even got a range of online options, including On Demand Yoga and Pilates, so you can flow with them anytime, anywhere. With top-notch teachers, transformational practices, and a belief that life is for living, Yogarise welcomes everyone to their growing and groovy community. 


18 Hayes Pl, London NW1 6UA

Indaba, the light-filled yoga studio nestled in Marylebone, prides itself on being the perfect gathering spot for yogis seeking an array of uplifting practices. With over 20 disciplines of yoga, meditation, and Pilates to choose from, Indaba caters to students of all levels, offering everything from revitalizing power flows to calming yin yoga. Their retreats and workshops in picturesque locations like the New Forest and Goa take practitioners on transformative journeys, while their Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training center empowers aspiring instructors to share their passion. Since its establishment in 2011, Indaba has embraced a welcoming and non-judgmental attitude, blending ancient traditions with modern styles, ensuring that anyone, from beginners to experts, can find joy in feeling good and uniting with fellow yogis in a space of fun, energy, and transformation.

Bamford London Brompton Cross

104 Draycott Ave, London SW3 3AE

Welcome to Bamford Brompton Cross, South Kensington's exquisite standalone Bamford Haybarn Spa, featuring London's most beautiful yoga, Pilates, and meditation studio. Stretch under a skylight window amid candles, white furnishings, and a dramatic tree bark sculpture, and top off your experience with a relaxing facial, massage, or reflexology session in the cocooning spa. Explore the spiritual unity of mind, body, and soul through yoga, with intimate classes for up to 4 people, offering styles from Vinyasa to Yin, catering to all levels. Prices range from £30 for 60-minute classes to £120 for a package of 5, and £35 for 75-minute classes to £140 for a package of 5. Experience the soulful journey at Lavender Studio, where every moment is as serene and captivating as a lavender-scented breeze.

The Shala Yoga Centre

3rd floor, 1 Chestnut Rd, Norwood, London SE27 9EZ

Welcome to The Shala Yoga Centre, a time-tested oasis of yoga in London's bustling yoga scene since the late 90s. Nestled in a light-filled Victorian townhouse, The Shala offers a diverse range of traditional and modern yoga styles. Whether you're looking to defy gravity with aerial yoga or prefer to keep your feet on the 25-degree heated ashwood floor with ashtanga or yin yoga, they've got something to suit everyone. With intimate classes of up to four people, this studio emphasizes the essence of yoga as a spiritual practice while maintaining a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Led by a team of passionate and knowledgeable teachers, The Shala fosters growth, both physically and spiritually. Don't miss the chance to experience the serene ambiance and challenging classes at The Shala Yoga Centre – a truly uplifting journey awaits!