Top 5: Pubs with a Jukebox in London

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London Calling's guide to public houses where you select the soundtrack.

In an age of Spotify, Youtube and limitless choice, the jukebox is a refuge of restriction. A coin in the slot and 10 minutes spent flicking through vinyl or CDs with a friend, comparing the merits of 'Ever Fallen in Love' by Buzzcocks and 'Tubthumping' by Chumbawumba, is a fine way to while away pub-time. It's a rare find these days, but we've scoured the city for you, and here are our Top 5 Jukebox-owning pubs, in no particular order.


Skehans is one of the last bastions of fully independent, family run pubs in London. The Irish pub, located in Nunhead, has a great jukebox with a wide selection including, naturally, a good deal of rock ‘n’ roll and Celtic tunes. Elsewhere the superb atmosphere, in-house Thai restaurant, pool table and darts board all add up to a top-quality pub.

Skehans can be found at 1 Kitto Road, Nunhead, SE14 5TW.

Skehans © Skehans

The Shakespeare

The selection at The Shakespeare includes all the standard rock and soul fare, but what sets it apart is its selection of ska and reggae records. From Prince Buster to King Tubby, it’s a safe bet that whatever you choose will get heads nodding and feet tapping. The pub itself is located right in the middle of Stoke Newington, and it’s a drinks-only affair, save for the pickled eggs on the bar.

The Shakespeare can be found at 57 Allen Road, Stoke Newington, N16 8RY.

The Boogaloo

Many famous faces frequent this North London institution, located in Highgate. The Boogaloo jukebox contains playlists from some of their biggest repeat visitors - Kate Moss, Sinead O’Connor and Iggy Pop have all submitted Top 10s - and it’s drenched in atmosphere. There are three lounges available to hire for private events, a good-looking food menu and a chance to find out what made it into Ronnie Wood’s Top 10. What more could you ask for?

The Boogaloo can be found at 312 Archway Road, Highgate, N6 5AT.

The Boogaloo © ROXI

Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Tucked away in Hanway Street, just off the maelstrom of Oxford Circus, Bradley’s is the perfect place to duck in to and escape the crowds. The record collection is switched up every six weeks or so, meaning you’ll rarely tire of the selection on repeat visits, and the range spans nearly 70 years of music. The jukebox here isn’t an afterthought - it’s the centrepiece.

Bradley’s Spanish Bar can be found at 42-44 Hanway Street, Oxford Circus, W1T 1UT.

The Nell Gwynn

Another fine central London pub for skipping the crush, The Nell Gwynn is just off The Strand, and is a charming, cosy pub that’s frequently found spilling out on to the cobbled lane outside. If you do manage to secure a birth inside, make sure you potter over to the jukebox, where a wide selection of music is available to peruse and choose.

The Nell Gwynn can be found at 1-2 Bull Inn Court, Central London, WC2R 0NP