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A dimly lit comedy club stage features a red neon sign reading COMEDY against a dark brick wall. A red cushioned stool sits beside a microphone stand, creating a classic stand-up comedy setup.
My Tumbridge Wells

Comedy is an art form embedded deeply within Manchester's cultural heritage. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the city is packed full of comedy clubs and nights, guaranteed to bring you to fits of laughter. Many of these clubs boast a rich history of nurturing some of the North's best comedic talents, and they continue that sentiment in the present day. So whether you're a comedy enthusiast or a first-time visitor, seeking up-and-coming talent or national superstars, this list has a little something for everyone.

The Comedy Store

A comedy club stage in an empty theatre with brick walls, featuring a microphone stand and a stool under spotlights. The backdrop and walls display multiple logos with a wide, open-mouthed laughing face. Rows of red seats surround the stage.
Trip Advisor

The Bierkeller | Withy Grove, M4 | Cost: £18-£25

The Comedy Store originally opened its doors in 2000 and has become a staple of the city’s entertainment scene. The Manchester venue has followed in the footsteps of its London compatriot and has helped launch the careers of local talents such as Dave Spikey, Justin Moorhouse, and James Manford. After finding a new home at The Bierkeller in Central Manchester, the venue has continued to provide top-class comedic acts to audiences.

With its central location, welcoming atmosphere, and diverse range of talented comedians from both local and international circuits, The Comedy Store stands as a testament to Manchester’s rich comedy heritage. It’s a hugely popular venue with a special atmosphere, open Friday-Sunday showcasing some of the best comedy in the world for less than £20.

XS Malarkey

A diverse audience seated closely together in a dimly lit venue is laughing and appearing engaged. The central figure, a young man, is laughing heartily. The atmosphere is lively and attentive, with blurred background details suggesting a crowded gathering.
XS Malarkey

53Two | Great Bridgewater Road, M3 | Cost £6 (£3 for members)

XS Malarkey is a not-for-profit comedy club which has been bringing audiences to fits of laughter since 1997. Recently hailed as the “best comedy club in the world” by Joe Lycett, the club recently moved to a new home at 53two on Great Bridgewater Street. Well-known as a nurturing ground for comedic talent, the club also boasts an impressive array of national comedic superstars such as Peter Kay, John Bishop, and Joe Lycett himself.

Hosting club nights every Tuesday, 53two offers a warm and intimate environment, delivering top-notch comedic experiences, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an evening of humor and entertainment in Manchester.

Creatures of the Night

A dimly lit comedy club features rows of empty chairs facing a small stage. The stage has a microphone stand, a stool, and a colorful mural on the wall. A sign reading Night of the Night hangs above, casting a blue and red glow over the scene.
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Basement of the Corner Boy | Hilton Street, M1 | Cost: £0-£15

Our next entry takes us to the heart of the Northern Quarter, where The Corner Boy Irish Bar hosts the Creatures of the Night Comedy Club. Opening in 2017, Creatures of the Night is the new kid on the block, bringing a sense of youth to the Manchester scene and offering a one-of-a-kind comedy experience. The club also hosts a student-only comedy night every Tuesday, supporting up-and-coming student acts and issuing drink offers.

The only club on this list to offer consistent comedy each and every night, head on down there for 7:00 pm, enjoy a cocktail or a Guinness, and prepare for a night of laughter and good times.

Frog and Bucket

Image of the exterior of the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club building at night. The club's logo, featuring a smiling frog sitting on a bucket, is prominently displayed in the center. The background shows a brick building with warm lighting and some motion blur from passing vehicles.
Frog and Bucket

Northern Quarter | Oldham Street, M4 | Cost: £7-£20

Our second Northern Quarter entry is the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club on Oldham Street. This club boasts a rich history, being one of the first venues to open in the now creatively bustling district. Now a staple of the Manchester comedy scene, the Frog and Bucket has helped launch the careers of Johnny Vegas and Peter Kay and boasts an impressive catalogue of national treasures such as Jack Whitehall, Lee Mack, and Chris Addison. But overall, the club prides itself on being a breeding ground for the next generation of comedic stars.

Venue club is open at least four days a week, with Friday and Saturday nights delivering the highest quality atmosphere. Monday’s are amateur nights, an essential visit for those looking to support grassroots comedy.

Blizzard Comedy

A banner with a rainbow gradient background features a white snowflake on the left and jagged white text on the right that reads, Blizzard Comedy. A comedy safe space. Inclusive, accessible, and f*ckin' hysterical.
Blizzard Comedy Twitch

Gullivars | Oldham Street, M4 | Cost: Free

It’s no secret that comedy can be daunting for some and controversial for others. Our final entry, Blizzard Comedy is the antidote to this problem. The brainchild of non-binary comedian Jonny Collins, the club seeks to provide a more inclusive form of comedy for those who feel anxious about audience participation, triggering topics, accessibility, or other barriers to entry. With an ‘indie’ identity, Blizzard Comedy showcases acts that are so radically different from the mainstream that you’ll never catch on 'Live at the Apollo' or with their own Netflix special.

So head on down to Gullivers in the Northern Quarter for a Blizzard Comedy night, if you find the idea of traditional comedy shows daunting (or even if you don't).