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Close-up of a juicy cheeseburger with a sesame seed bun, melted cheese, leafy greens, and a generous amount of sauce and condiments. The burger is surrounded by an out-of-focus background, suggesting another similar burger and casual dining setting.
Photo by Mario on Unsplash

Burger joints have really come on since the days of Wimpy in terms of quality, variety and choice. There's usually a good one to be discovered on every other street corner; it's just a case of deciding which type of surroundings you're looking for.'s guide to the very best burger restaurants in Manchester city centre and its suburbs covers an array, from the refined down to the super speedy. Most are home grown restaurants and ethically driven - sourcing the best meat from local and sustainable supply chains. Big up to the new generation of Burgers (and fries!)


A double cheeseburger with lettuce and melted cheese on a sesame seed bun is centered in the image. To the left, there are slices of grilled meat. To the right, there are French fries in a copper container and a dish with pickles and ribs. A bar setup is visible in the background.

184 – 186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB

The Hawksmoor is a high-end restaurant to sink your teeth into a decadent burger. Located in a late Victorian courthouse on Deansgate, next door to Spinningfields, featuring lots of reclaimed materials including parquet flooring and glazed bricks from a public lav in Liverpool! But don’t let that put you off.  Not surprisingly, this legendary steak house serves up a mean burger using the very best dry-aged beef.  It comes loaded with all the toppings – a choice of Ogleshield or Sitchelton melted cheese, lettuce, sliced tomato, onion and gherkin – all squished into a soft brioche bun. It’s mouth wateringly tasty as are the chunky beef dripping chips.  There’s a large selection of sides to choose from including: garlic mushrooms, buttered green beans and a herby salad.  We think the £16 price tag isn’t going to break the bank either.

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Honest Burgers

A wooden table is laden with plates of food, including burgers with fries, onion rings, and coleslaw. Sides of dipping sauces, salads, and drinks are also present. The food is arranged in a visually appealing manner, suggesting a hearty and casual meal.
Honest Burger

Various locations here

Honest burgers was set up by Tom and Phil only 10 years ago in Brixton and now has over 35 restaurants across the UK.  OK we know it’s a chain but there is a reason that it’s been so successful.  The pair set out to make a decent and honest burger and still make them from scratch from a bit skimmed off the rib eye steak in their very own butchery – how cool is that?!  They also buy the best potatoes from local farmers to make their infamous double-cooked and rosemary salted chips and by God they’re tasty!  Honest burgers are served pink (unless you tell them otherwise) so they eat more like a steak and they’re really juicy with a great bite.    Not a meat eater? Don’t worry, there’s a Beyond Meat burger and Southern fried fitters on the menu. Alternatively, if you’re more of chicken burger fan tuck into the free-range chicken breast with pesto with mustard mayo. Yum!

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A modern cafe with industrial decor featuring exposed pipes and ductwork on the ceiling. There are several wooden tables and chairs, some occupied by people. A bar area with a bartender is situated on the left. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, and large windows bring in natural light.

41 Blossom Street, Cutting Room Square Manchester M4 6AJ

Elnecot is a cool little place centrally located in Manchester in Ancoats.  Think industrial chic, wooden tables, low hanging lights and a chilled crowd.   It’s not jsut devoted to the humble burger which will suit those that aren’t in the mood for chomping down on a quarter pounder. For those that are, there’s a few to choose from.  The Welsh Wagu beef cheeseburger with an umami glaze is juicy and tasty.   There’s also the Elnecot hot fried chicken with a kick of chilli honey and kimchi mayo. Or try the veggie or vegan Sloppy Joseph alternative with Fable and bean chilli.

If burgers aren’t your thing, there’s a wide variety of other dishes to choose from including: fish of the day, Shetland Mussels, Cinderwood squash Mochi and Disco cabbage. Well, it is Manchester!

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The Crafy Pig

A close-up of a burger with a beef patty, melted cheese, sliced pickles, and lettuce in a bun, with a side of fries in the background. The The Crafty Pig logo is visible in the top left corner.
Crafy Pig

4 Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ

If you’re a big sports fan and love nothing better than watching it on the big screen, the Crafty Pig is right up your street.  They show Premier League football, rugby and boxing every night of the week and you can check out what's on here 

If you’re partial to a burger and chips with your game, then there’s a good selection -  The Little Rebel succulent beef pattie with bacon and cheese, Karaage-coated chicken with Asian slaw, Korean sweet sriracha sauce, red chilli and coriander or the Diggin’ It grilled mushroom with chipotle mayo. All the burgers come loaded with ketchup, burger sauce, iceberg lettuce, chopped onion and gherkin, with skin-on fries.   There’s a wide variety of Nachos, Wings, Pizzas and well, a lot more besides. You won’t go home disappointed. We hope!

The Launderette

A cozy cafe with a mix of wooden tables and chairs, a blue tufted booth, and vibrant wall decor. Neon sign reads Cocktails & Eats. Large window lets in natural light. Potted plants and a chalkboard menu add charm. Sign reads John Williams & Sons Ltd.
The Launderette

32 Beeh Road, Mamchester, M21 9EL

This little place nestled in the leafy suburb of trendy Chorlton has been attracting a loyal hipster crowd for a good few years.  It’s all about carbs and cocktails and the all weather south facing terrace is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Formerly a Launderette, you’d never have guessed, its menu is aptly broken down into Small Loads, Spin Cycles, Easy Care and Full Loads.  There’s a good selection of burgers on the Hand Wash programme and the only work you’ve really got to do is decide which one suits your mood. There’s the: Laundrette Signature Burger with Gooey cheese and the Launderette’s secret burger sauce; Chorizo, Bacon & Pork Burger complete with roasted chorizo, sliced gherkins, roast peppers and a smokin’ paprika mayo; Buttermilk Chicken Burger with Monterey Jack cheese and a vegan crispy cauliflower offer with crispy kale, bloody Mary ketchup and vegan cheese.  Check out Laundrette’s cocktail menu here

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What’s your Beef

A wooden tray holding two loaded burgers, crispy chicken wings, fried cheese sticks, and a bowl of fries topped with sauces and herbs. Small ramekins filled with different dipping sauces are arranged in front. The food appears delicious and well-presented.
What's Your Beef

Stretford FoodHall, Stretford Mall, Chester Road, M32 9BD

Great name for a burger joint, ‘ey?  This award winning start-up in the heart of the South Manchester suburb, Stretford, was set up by 2 mates, Eddie and Neil, from Rochdale who love burgers and wanted to share their passion. They came in the top 5 of the National Burger Awards so we think they’re onto a good thing. They source their beef from a local award-winning butcher who helped them find exactly the right cuts of meat to create their burgers. It’s all ethically-sourced and grass-fed because happy cows make happy burgers, right? Even their brioche buns are locally sourced.

There’s a handful of burgers to choose from including Stateside Deluxe, Double Bacon, Freebird (chicken with a 9 spice buttermilk batter, a tasty vegan option and The award winning 10 out of 10 ‘The Beef’.   They also proudly make the sauces for the burgers and you can buy a bottle to take home.

Cowtown Burgers

A collage of five different gourmet burgers, each featuring different toppings and styles. The center image highlights The Second Annual Cowtown Burger Showdown. One image shows a burger being pressed on a griddle. All burgers appear appetizing and diverse.
Cowtown Burger

85 Washway Rd, Sale M33 7TQ

The brilliantly named Cowtown is located in another South Manchester suburb of Sale.

They’re a small Canadian restaurant committed to sourcing from the best and freshest ingredients around from local farmers, suppliers and producers. Their burgers are made using Angus steak and served pink so you get the full flavour. Of course, if you prefer yours a little more cremated then just ask them! The choice is extensive.  Our favourites include the Mountie – 60z patty with American cheese, bacon, crispy onions, lettuce, BBQ and Cowgirl’s secret sauce.  Prefer Buttermilk chicken over beef? The Buffalo Bill won’t disappoint with its sticky buffalo sauce. The aubergine, halloumi and Balsamic glaze is a tasty vegan option.  Prices start at a reasonable £8.25 and there’s a great selection of fries to suit everyone’s palette.

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A close-up of a hand holding a hamburger. The burger consists of a sesame seed bun, a beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, and a slice of tomato. The ingredients are visibly fresh, and the burger looks juicy and appetizing.

In various locations

Archie’s is a small chain of halal burger joints home-fried in Manchester.  Originally set up by four friends over 10 years ago, you can now find Archie’s restaurants in 5 locations across Manchester, one in Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool.   There’s a bewildering choice of 14 burgers to choose from. The beef ‘smashed’ burgers mostly serve up two patties, sometimes three, with the usual cheese, pickle and all the trimmings.  There’s a nice addition of a falafel burger for the veggies among us and 5 great tasting buttermilk chicken burgers. Our fave is the Peri glazed Chicken from the flame grill.  Fried to go with that? There’s a good selection of all shapes and flavours  including - curly, crinkled, hot cheese or truffle. Enjoy!