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A lively city street at night, adorned with numerous bright, colorful theater marquees and signs promoting shows, including one prominently featuring Thriller. The iconic architecture and vibrant lights create a bustling, energetic atmosphere.

From the dazzling lights of London's West End to the charming stages of regional theatres, the UK's theatre landscape is bustling with theatre productions that span genres, eras, and audiences. We've meticulously assembled a collection that promises to whisk you away to the nation's stages. Let's get to it...

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Eight people are on a stage with gothic architecture. Seven of them are standing or sitting casually, listening to a person in a black cloak who is seated on the floor beside luggage. The scene is illuminated by stage lights, creating a theatrical atmosphere.

Currently booking up to March 2025 | London | Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

The story continues! Set 19 years after J.K. Rowling’s original book and film series, the play follows Harry’s son Albus when he arrives for his first year at Hogwarts and is sorted into...Slytherin! The original play has been written by Rowling, John Tiffany and show creator Jack Thorne, to bring to the stage what Rowling has called “the eighth Harry Potter story”, pitting a new generation of witches and wizards against a new and mysterious evil...

Famously the most-awarded show in the history of the Olivier Awards (with 11 nominations and 9 wins) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a two-parter which you can see all in one day or split into two trips. 

Click here to book tickets (at the time of writing many are on sale for as low as £30!)

Muggles allowed.

The Lion King

A performer stands on a stage with an orange backdrop, wearing a costume inspired by the character Simba from The Lion King. The costume includes a lion headdress, a red cape, and an intricately designed outfit. The performer is striking a dynamic, powerful pose.

Currently booking up to October 2024 | London | Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King is a stalwart of London’s theatre scene, and for good reason. You no doubt know story of Mufasa, Simba, Nala and Scar, set in the Serengeti, but you will absolutely be taken back to an earlier version of yourself if you haven't seen the show before, with its dazzling visuals, brilliant costumes and enchanting performances by a cast that delivers time and time again.

With new songs (to suplement Elton John’s classic movie score) which delve deeper into the cultural and psychological aspects of the story, this captivates anyone and everyone who comes along (and they’ve been coming along for over 10 years now!)

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Mean Girls

Four women are laughing and engaging in conversation on stage. They're dressed in various shades of pink, sitting and lying on the floor in front of a pink bed and a pink door. The stage set features vibrant pink decor, suggesting a playful, cheerful scene.

From June to October 2024 | London | Savoy Theatre

The film was so fetch, you just have to see the play! 

The Mean Girls are back, as is protagonist Cady Heron, in this iconic high school drama that has been at the top of the zeitgeist since its Broadway debut in 2018. 

What does Entertainment Weekly have to say about it? '"Tina Fey's Mean Girls is a marvel: dazzling and hilarious." Mean Girls is here to take over.

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A diverse group of performers dressed in theatrical, flamboyant costumes and makeup strike dynamic, exaggerated poses on stage. They present vivid expressions of joy and excitement, with various props and accessories adding to the lively, celebratory atmosphere.

Currently booking up to 1st February 2025 | London | Kit Kat Club at the Playhouse

Cabaret, as you may know, is one of the most successful musical theatre shows of all time, and this new production was the winner of 7 Olivier Awards, including Best New Revival. Leave your troubles outside as you step into the spectacular world of Cabaret at the KitKat Club, where the London Playhouse Theatre has been transformed into 1930s Berlin, where a complicated love triangle plays out against the rise of the Nazi party and the collapse of the Weimar Republic.

It’s ubullient. It’s decadent. It’s ever so bourgeois; if you can then make sure to book in for their excellent 'Green Bar', a pre-show experience with macaroons, cocktails and more...

Click here to get your tickets

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

The image depicts the Moulin Rouge stage, adorned with vibrant red lights and drapery. The iconic windmill is on the left, and a large red heart is central. An elephant statue is on the right. Moulin Rouge is illuminated at the front in bold letters.

Booking until 6th July 2024 | London | Piccadilly Theatre

Baz Luhrmann’s revolutionary musical film is brought to life on the stage in the must-see Moulin Rouge! The Musical. A glitzy and grand tale of love and art set against the colourful backdrop of 1920s Paris, this stage show won 10 Tony Awards in the States - this is your chance to see the spectacle!

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Only Fools & Horses - The Musical!

A large group of actors on stage perform a musical number. A yellow three-wheeled van with Trotters Independent Trading Co written on it is positioned to the left. The backdrop depicts The Nag's Head pub. The cast is dressed in a variety of everyday and colorful outfits.

23 - 28 Sept 2024 - 21st Jun 2025 across the UK and Ireland WITH 17th Dec 2024 - 5th Jan 2025 at London Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo

Coming directly after its record four year sold-out run in London’s West End, this brilliant production is touring a whopping 27 venues across the UK and Ireland, with a special 3-week run in Hammersmith for Christmas-time 2024!

Based on the classic TV programme written by John Sullivan, with book, lyrics and original music by comedian Paul Whitehouse & Jim Sullivan, and additional music by John Sullivan & Chas Hodges,  Only Fools & Horses The Musical takes you back to 1989 and the streets of Peckham, where the Trotters are back in a brand-new story that will have you cackling in your seats and even singing along!

Click here to book for the UK and Ireland tour, or click here to book for the London run.

The Woman in Black

A man clutching a blanket looks anxiously upward while seated on a bed. Shadows of tall windows and landscape patterns loom over him on the wall, creating a surreal and dramatic atmosphere. He wears a shirt with suspenders and is in an old-fashioned, dimly lit room.

20th Feb - 1st Jun 2024 | 12 venues across the UK and Ireland 

Following an incredible run of 33 years in London’s West End, The Woman in Black is now touring the country...LOOK OUT!

Adapted from Susan Hill’s seminal ghost story, Stephen Mallatratt’s ingenious stage adaptation is hauntingly atmospheric, with spooktacular (sorry) design bringing to life the eerie marshes and moaning winds around a haunted (and haunting) house. The show’s brilliant blend of illusion and controlled horror is truly frightening (as many a GCSE English student will tell you!); a lawyer obsessed with the curse he believes has befallen his family enlists the help of an actor to tell his story, and they find themselves caught in creepy complications...

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Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Three people illuminated by flashlights in a dark setting. The person on the left has a hat and checkered jacket, the middle person looks ahead holding a flashlight with curiosity, and the person on the right glances upwards. All appear focused and cautious.

Booking up to 25th August 2024 | London | Phoenix Theatre

Fans of the Netflix phenomenon will no doubt be clamouring to get tickets to a new supernatural show Stranger Things: The First Shadow; it’s 1959 in Hawkins and the teenage Jim Hopper and Joyce Maldonado are regular teens with regular worries, until new kid Henry Creed shows up...

Produced by the legendary Stephen Daldry (who also produced the hit TV show) and brought to the stage by a multi-award-winning creative team, this hit production takes you right back to the beginning of the Stranger Things story – and may hold the key to the end.

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Note: the production contains gunfire audio, loud noises and explosions, haze and smoke, flashing lights and strobe, and strong language. There are depictions of various mental health conditions and disorders.

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

Seven people in vintage formal attire are posed in an ornate, wood-paneled room with large windows, a fireplace, and a mix of traditional furniture. Four are seated on a couch and armchair, while three stand behind them, suggesting a theatrical performance or a period drama.

Booking up until 14th September at London’s St Martin’s Theatre | 19th Feb-3rd August 2024  across 20 UK venues

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is the longest running theatre show in world history, having been continuously running for over 70 years, and the show’s secret is still not out! It’s a classic Christie, ‘Whodunnit?’ thriller played out on the stage: following a murder in London, seven strangers find themselves snowed in at a remote countryside guesthouse. When a police sergeant arrives, the guests discover that the killer is amongst them! One by one, they reveal their stories, but which one is the murderer? Can you solve the mystery?

To celebrate 70 years, the show will tour the UK whilst STILL playing at London’s St Martin’s Theatre.

Click here to book tickets in London and here for venue info and tickets to the touring show


A group of dancers perform on stage with a neon cityscape backdrop. One central figure, dressed in a white jacket and black hat, stands with arms spread wide as four other dancers strike dynamic poses around him. Neon signs for a cafe, hotel, bar, and pawn shop light up the set.

Booking until 14th September 2024 | London | Prince Edward Theatre

Michael Jackson finally gets the West-End treatment! Created by Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage and Tony Award-winning Director/Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, MJ: The Musical is centered around the making of the music legend’s 1992 Dangerous World Tour.

New York’s Miles Frost is MJ, singing, dancing, and showing a side you havent seen before, as the show delves into the creative mind and collaborative spirit that catapulted Jackson to phenomenal worldwide fame and acclaim.

You can book tickets here