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Here are our top 5 picks of the best Theatres and Galleries currently open.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - at Southwark Playhouse

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is being brought to live as a new musical by Jethro Compton and Darren Clark. 

Following an acclaimed limited run in 2019, it returns as a new production at Southwark Playhouse Elephant from 22nd May to 1st July 2023.

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A Pinch of VAULT 2023

Derek Mitchell/

More than 50 shows will appear in this year’s festival which will take place at The Glitch and Sino Thai in Waterloo, from Wednesday 24th May – Sunday 18th June 2023.

There are two festival weeks dedicated to ‘A Pinch of VAULT Comedy’ [24th May – 4th June] and two weeks dedicated to ‘A Pinch of VAULT Theatre’ [6th – 18th June] tickets are on sale now.

A Pinch of VAULT features work led by migrants and refugees, the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled and neurodiverse performers, working class artists, and  African and Asian diaspora led work.

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Chila Kumari Singh Burman

From the 19th of May to the 7th of June, ​​​​​​acclaimed visual artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman MBE brings her famous neon artworks to Rich Mix, Bethnal Green.

The work draws upon fine and pop art imagery in intricate multi-layered works which explore Asian femininity and her personal family history and were Bollywood bling merges with childhood memories.

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Royal Air Force Museum London

Marking the 80th anniversary of the famous ‘Dam Busters’ raid, the Royal Air Force Museum London has unveiled a new permanent exhibition dedicated to Bomber Command.

Throughout the exhibition, silhouettes depict the stories of individuals who played crucial roles, like that of Barnes Wallis the genius inventor behind the ‘bouncing bomb’, used in the famous Dams raid, and the Vickers Wellington bomber. 

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Under the Kundè Tree

Set during the 'Hidden War' of Cameroonian Independence in the 50s, Under the Kundè Tree follows a young woman, Sara, struggling to balance her heart’s desire and the pressure to fulfil traditional familial obligations during a time of conflict and the fight for decolonisation.

The drama tackles issues of colonialism, family, love, identity and freedom, grappling with these important topics that have significant contemporary relevance.

Under the Kundè Tree is the only production in the UK to explore the Cameroonian Independence War through the lens of women. This powerful production highlights this important moment in the decolonisation of Africa, and the history of Cameroon and its people.

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