Balearic Beat: Up On The Roof - at LDN East

6 July 2024 LDN East

Soak in the sun at one of London's premier outdoor spaces, to the sound of beautifully chill Balearic Beat

You may not be able to afford Ibiza anymore but Canning Town presents a reasonable substitute.

LDN East comes with one of this year's most celebrated outdoor venue spaces, only growing in popularity and stature, attracting promoters from other venues to find a new rooftop vibe for their events, this one included.

To bolster the vibes, Canning Town's sunny rooftop will be filled with sounds of Balearia, defined by stripped back composition, minimal beats, chill instrumentation, yet effortlessly dancable. This can vary from chillout to lowkey house to Afrobeat. You are at the mercy of the DJ's definition of 'Balearic', an all-inclusive rainbow of musical delights.

We absolutely love a day event at Culture Calling. You can get all your dancing out before bedtimes, and don't have to worry about inconsistent night-time transport. A very wholesome way to spend a weekend day. 

So, for Ibiza lovers who rue the gradual loss of Ibiza's 90s vibe, Balearic Beat is here to save your summer.