Crisis Icebreaker Cold Water Challenge

10 January 2024 to 10 January 2025 Across the UK

Icebreaker Cold-Water Challenge

Ready to face the freeze? Join a swim near you, or do your own challenge wherever you are! Icebreaker is the cold-water challenge that helps end homelessness...

Find the event for you! Join a swim in London, Oxford, Scotland or Wales, or sign up to the DIY; a cold-water challenge you can do wherever you are, however you like.

Choose from:

  • Icebreaker DIY. The ultimate cold-water challenge that helps end homelessness.
  • Icebreaker at Jupiter Artland. Cold-water charity swim at Jupiter Artland.
  • Icebreaker at Lido Ponty. Cold-water charity swim at Lido Ponty.
  • Icebreaker at Parliament Hill. Cold-water charity swim at Parliament Hill Lido.
  • Icebreaker at Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa’s Outdoor Lake. Cold-water charity swim at Bicester.
  • Brockwell Icebreaker: register your interest for 2024. Be the first to hear about the 2024 launch.

Learn more and sign up for the Crisis Icebreaker today!