Mungo’s Hi Fi (All Night) - at Village Underground

11 May 2024 Village Underground

After two and a half decades, the Scottish soundsystem duo play their first ever all-night set at Shoreditch's cosy Village Underground.

Producing all types of bass-heavy music, from reggae, to lover's rock, dub, dubstep, jungle, drum'n'bass, all colours of the spectrum, the highly versatile Scottish producers have played in almost every city and major town on this island, bringing their vibes to everyone who wants and needs them.

Now, in the heart of East London, Mungo's Hi Fi come with a highly anticipated all-night set, with enough hours to show the full range of their talents. 

They are masters of pacing. Beginning with fluid mixes of dub, reggae, lover's rock, and other bass-heavy yet chill ska-influenced genres, they naturally mix into 140, upping the frequency of the drums and the wobbles of the bass with the crowd hardly noticing. Riding the 140 wave, they slowly up it, taking it to jungle then dnb, rising so steadily that you're lost in a musical journey. 

It's an exercise in instinctual mixing, artfully detecting the energies of the crowd, and rising with consumate skill. Mungo's, alongside Mr Scruff and Osunlade, are one of a select few DJ's whose sets are more of a journey than a performance. 

An all-night set is perhaps the best light to see them in. I'll see you there.