Sound Therapy at Cloud Twelve Notting Hill

10 January 2024 to 10 December 2024 Cloud Twelve

Several brass singing bowls and wooden mallets are arranged on a white cloth on a sandy beach. A large conch shell is placed among the bowls. The setting sun casts a warm light over the scene, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

At Notting Hill's esteemed Cloud Twelve, Sound Therapy has been helping patients with all kinds of ailments, from stress to pain...

For thousands of years, eastern cultures have known the secret beneficial effects of sound healing treatments and incorporated this type of healing practices into their daily lives.

More recently, a growing awareness is perceived in the western world on how the benefits flowing from this type of holistic wellness treatment can benefit our health. There is a growing and steady scientific field evidencing the true health effects of sound healing, that are no longer hidden within ancient eastern wisdoms, but are finally accessible for anyone living in the west as well.

Your sound healer will guide you back to a state of increased consciousness at the end of each session before completing the sound bath and offer a meditation focused to continue a health-infused life journey...

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