A Sandwich-lover’s Guide to London

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A close-up of a freshly made sandwich with crispy, golden-brown baguette bread. Inside, there are layers of cured meat, possibly prosciutto, and fresh greens, such as lettuce. The sandwich is placed on a marble surface.
Image © Spandeli via Facebook

For all the Sandwich lovers out there, we’ve put together a guide to London’s best butties…

There’s never a bad time to sink your teeth into arguably one of the best culinary inventions of all time. We pound the city’s pavements to round up the best spots to kick the Atkins diet to the curb and get your sarnie fix. Read on to discover London’s top sandwich spots…. 

A close-up of a sandwich cut in half, showcasing vibrant ingredients. The sandwich features a fluffy white bun, a layer of beetroot spread, cooked greens, and fresh parsley, stacked atop cream cheese and slices of green pickled peppers. The background is softly blurred.
The BJ Benton (Photo: Jonathan Perugia) via maxssandwichshop.com


Any Northern-dweller worth his salt will tell you about Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill. It’s the ultimate place to get your hands dirty with a ham, egg, and chip butty- it’s no nonsense, packed with flavour and deliciously wholesome so get stuck in! However, if you find yourself in King’s Cross looking for a spin on the breakfast classic, a bacon naan roll at Dishoom will definitely hit the spot.  

If filling up on Indian cuisine makes you want to globe-trot with your tastebuds, then take a detour to German Gymnasium for a chicken schnitzel club or to Arepa & Co for a traditional Venezuelan filled pastry (we recommend you opt for a selection of their artisan cheeses).  

Meat fans will love Edgware for her B&K Salt Beef Bar, the home of luscious, flavoursome, bright pink slabs of goodness to fuel your search for more sandwiches. 

  • Max's Sandwich Shop can be found at 19 Crouch Hill, Stroud Green N4 4AP 
  • Dishoom can be found at 5 Stable St, King's Cross N1C 4AB as well as branches in Covent Garden, Carnaby and Shoreditch 
  • German Gymnasium can be found at King's Boulevard, King's Cross N1C 4BU 
  • Arepa & Co. can be found at 58a De Beauvoir Crescent, Haggerston N1 5SB 
  • B&K Salt Beef Bar can be found at 11 Lanson House, Edgware HA8 6NL 

Close-up of a sandwich held in both hands. The sandwich is filled with layers of ham, shredded pork, cheese, pickles, and mustard, all between sliced bread.
Image © Facebook via @Cubana.London


The South is all about warming up with a hot sandwich. Head to Waterloo’s Cubana for a sizzling Cuban sandwich, made with free-range ham, Swiss cheese, and slow-roasted pork. For those still looking to fight off the chilly weather, a decadent grilled cheese at Kappacasein will make you feel warm and fuzzy all day. If you’re particular about your heat, Bokit La can be found serving up generously-filled chicken, salt fish or vegan parcels, straight from Guadeloupe to Ovalhouse’s theatre bar, among other locations throughout the city. 

  • Cubana can be found at 48 Lower Marsh, Waterloo SE1 7RG 
  • Kappacasein can be found at 1 Stoney Street, Borough Market SE1 9AA as well as Bermondsey
  • Bokit La can be found at Ovalhouse, 52-54 Kennington Oval SE11 5SW from Wed-Sat as well as branches in Shoreditch, Hammersmith, Brixton, Oval Farmer's Market and Muswell Hill

A close-up view of a variety of bagels, some with poppy and sesame seeds on top. Each bagel is filled with different ingredients such as smoked salmon, cucumber slices, pickles, onions, and what appears to be tuna salad.
Image © Facebook via @beigelbake


It would be foolish to talk about East London sandwiches without giving a nod to the iconic Beigel Bake. This glittering Brick Lane beacon is open 24/7, guaranteeing a consistent supply of proper salt beef bagels to keep you going from the morning shift through to the bar-crawl with vegan options too. Speaking of proper, you won’t find a more Scottish haggis toastie than at Deeney’s in Leyton, or a more Peruvian Chocharron sandwich (a simple, yet melt-in-your-mouth, marriage of confit pork belly and camote ketchup in a soft bun) than at Andina in Spitalfields. If you love cured meats, make sure you also stop by SpanDeli on Dalston Lane. For those wanting a classic, hearty bacon sandwich, St John's Bread & Wine is waiting for you.

  • Beigel Bake can be found at 159 Brick Lane, Shoreditch E1 6SB 
  • Deeney's can be found at 330 High Road Leyton E10 5PW 
  • Andina can be found at 60-62 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, E1 6LT
  • Spandeli can be found at 246 Dalston Lane, E8 1JG 
  • St John's Bread & Wine can be found at 94-96 Commercial Street, Spitalfields E1 6LZ 

Close-up of freshly baked bread rolls on a cooling rack. The rolls are filled with various toppings such as cheese, herbs, and seasoning, giving them a golden-brown, appetizing appearance. The cooling rack sits on a dark surface.
Image © Facebook via @electricgamebox


West London is also a culinary haven for anyone looking to travel the world in sandwiches. Mr Falafel will greet you at Shepherd’s Bush Market with a fresh, healthy wrap, filled with the best Palestinian falafel. If you’re really looking for something different, head to Ealing Broadway for some savoury Japanese pastries, buns and rolls at WA Cafe. The meat fixes can be found in a deep-filled artisan sandwich from Grove Park Deli in Chiswick or a slow-cooked pork bun from DF Tacos

  • Mr Falafel can be found at T4-T5 New Shepherd's Bush Market, Uxbridge Road W12 8LH 
  • WA Cafe can be found at 32 Haven Green, Ealing Broadway W5 2NX 
  • Grove Park Deli can be found at 22 Fauconberg Road, Chiswick W4 3JY 
  • DF Tacos will soon be found at 5 Kingdom Street, Paddington W2 6PY as well as branches in Tottenham Court Road and Shoreditch 

Four wraps are arranged around a bowl of creamy dip on a wooden tray. The wraps are partially wrapped in parchment paper, with visible fillings of vegetables and meat. A few lemon wedges are scattered beside the wraps.
Image © Instagram via @thekatirollcompany

Central and All Over the Shop

Central London is the melting pot of the gastronomically weird and wonderful, so it’s probably best to begin by lining the stomach with a light Vietnamese baguette at Holborn’s Banh Mi Bay, or a spiced meat and veg paratha wrap at The Kati Roll Company. For seafood fans looking to upgrade from tuna mayo, pure hedonism comes in the form of a glistening lobster thermidor sandwich from the Gordon Ramsay Burger Bar at Harrod’s, while Soho socialites are heading to Karl Marx’s old home for a smoked eel sandwich at Quo Vadis. If you’re feeling a bit fancy in Seven Dials, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels is the perfect place to pick up a Posh Madame, stuffed with truffle ham and quail’s egg. If you’re really looking to push the boat out, a chopped liver or ox tongue sandwich from Tongue and Brisket will be right up your street.