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Top 5 Burger Joints In London

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Discover the best flippin' burgers in the capital...

You can't go wrong with a classic, even if it is a chargrilled disaster at a family barbeque. Burgers have always been the staple, go-to comfort food and there's no doubt as to why. The simple meat-in-bun combination can be given so much variety and flavour it's a wonder we choose to eat anything else. Finding a burger in London isn't hard, finding a good burger isn't either, but where do you find the newest, most succulent and top rated establishments to enjoy your burger? Well, that's a task you leave to us right?! We've selflessy toiled our way around London compiling a list of only the best establishments for you to go and explore the new, the innovative, the classic and the greasy. Read on to discover the best flippin' burgers in London. Napkins at the ready!

Bleecker Burger

205 Victoria St, London SW1E 5NE

This minimalist small chain burger joint is the brainchild of lawyer-turned-burger genius Zan Kaufman. From a simple food truck in 2012 to now four establishments across London, New Yorker, Kaufman put his heart and soul into generating the stripped-back but truly satisfying formula for the all-American burger. 

The beef is the pièce de résistance of Bleecker; dry-aged and cooked pink, rare-breed and pasture-fed, the meat is sourced from small farms across the UK and then dry aged for 40 days. It's complimented perfectly with a secret sauce that is just as peppery as your average Big Mac, but better. If you want an extra meat mouthful then why not try the double cheeseburger. There's also a vegetarian option for those that are meat free. We recommend combining it with angry fries (chilli cheese fries) and a salted pretzel shake for the fulln experience. If that doesn't tickle your fancy you can check out more of the menu here.

Burger and Beyond via Facebook

Burger and Beyond

147 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

Self proclaimed as London's best burgers (and we can't argue with that, they're certainly up there), Burger and Beyond really make the cut when it comes to their home-reared meat. Born in Essex, based in London and inspired by world travels, they can now be found in 3 locations, Shoreditch, Soho and Borough Yards

Their menu bodes well for an easy selection, as they're less so about variety and more so about providing patrons with the perfect flavour that really packs a punch. They use freshly ground dry aged beef made from choice cuts of meat and reared on local farms in the Yorkshire Dales. The cattle are totally free range giving the meat a superior flavour. Alongside the hanging process of 28-45 days. If you want to really savour the flavour, why not try the boujie burger, or if you're a vegan the Korean chick 'n' dip is a flavoursome choice. Chuck in a serving of truffle tots and a boozy milkshake and you're hot-to-trot. Just leave some room for the hot biscoff s'mores brownie! 

Discover more of the menu here.

Fancy re-creating your own at home? You can shop their DIY kits here.

Blacklock via Facebook


28-30 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DZ

Originating from Shoreditch, but now in over four locations across London, Blacklock aims to serve the very best meat, at a fair price, leaving both your stomach and your pockets happy. They directly source their meat from Cornwall's oldest third-generation farmers and butchers who have been operating since 1880 providing sustainable raised free range meat. Be prepared to leave Blacklock in a dizzy food coma, the chops of meat can get pretty sizeable, but we're here for the burgers remember! Lunge straight in for the Blacklock burger and pair it with some crispy beef-dripping fries for ultimate satisfaction. 

You can discover more of what's on their menu here
<> Honest Burgers

Several Locations

Satiating burger-deprived appetites for over ten years, and Honest Burger is nowhere near done yet. This chain has over 24 branches across London, and we all know why, they are avidly consistent with their flavours, always coming out with new and exciting limited edition burgers, and they're transparent about their sourcing from start to finish. Their high quality meat is both succulent and aged well making is a desireable choice despite the restaurants ubiquity. 

Unlike most burger places, the menu has just as many vegan and veggie options as there are meat. Why not grab a la vie bacon plant burger with some rosemary salted chips and vegan mayo. 

This months special is their truffle burger, made with, well, truffle- and lots of it! 

Patty and Bun via Facebook

Patty and Bun

Various Locations 

From a small, cramped, 30 cover restaurant in Marylebone to having over 10 locations in the capital alone, Patty & Bun have worked tirelessly to bring the ultimate flavour out of what may seem like two basic ingredients, the patty and the bun. 10 years of dedication has now made them one of the bestg burger joints in the country serving both succulent meat burgers and plant based and gluten free options, so everyone can enjoy a burger. 

Their menu is colourful and innovative to say the least, ingredients are nestled between two perfect halves of glossy brioche with tonnes of toppings and generous lathers of cheese. Ideal for a lunch time feast, though you might need to have a nap shortly after.