Eat to Live or Live to Eat

8 May 2024 to 12 May 2024 Feelium Gallery

Camilla Wordie, portrait of Cassandra Ellis, founder of Atelier Ellis (photographed by Emma Lee)

A playful exploration of our intricate relationship with food – a universal love language understood by all

Feelium Gallery are excited to announce the new exhibition Eat to Live or Live to Eat opening this May  by renowned art director and stylist Camilla Wordie  who will be turning traditional still life and portraiture on its head to create a series of ‘food portraits’ which will be on display alongside a sensory installation and much more

In Eat to Live or Live to Eat, Camilla Wordie will be interviewing ten individuals across different industries, including artists, designers, shop owners, and storytellers; some who hate to cook, others who love to eat and those who are meticulous about their weekly shop. They will sharing their top ten ingredients, from weekly food shops to Saturday night takeaways in the ultimate artistic challenge that will capture their characters, stories and relationship with food.

Colour, form and texture are fused together through a series of captivating still-life photographs, with each food portrait photographed by a different photographer, including the likes of lifestyle photographer Emma Lee and portrait genius Dunja Opalko.  Together they ask the question, “Do you eat to live or live to eat?”

Each photograph in the exhibition serves as a portrait, capturing the essence of individuals through their culinary choices. As angles are adjusted and props positioned, this is an invitation to delve deeper, sparking curiosity and prompting a re-evaluation of our preconceived notions of portraiture.

Throughout Camilla Wordie’s impressive career, she has masterfully utilised food not merely as an ingredient, but as a versatile material for creative expression. Whether it's an apricot supporting a slab of honeycomb for Harrods, or jewellery delicately nestled on turquoise-painted grapes for The Telegraph, her distinctive and lively approach breathes new life into familiar scenes. It’s the everyday, but not as you expected.

Further details of the sitters and photographers taking part in Eat to Live or Live to Eat will be announced in the coming weeks, alongside information of additional events and exciting collaborations which will form an integral part of this unique project.

Further Information:  Feelium Gallery & Studios

Website: Camilla Wordie