Material Transformations

9 May 2024 to 25 May 2024 Cube Gallery

Our group exhibition Material Transformations has officially opened!

Combining both innovation and meticulous craftsmanship the artists featured in our Material Transformations exhibition all use inventive methods to elevate their chosen materials into extraordinary, beautiful pieces of art.

Whether it's folding drafting film, crafting laminated birchwood or creating geometric sculptural forms in leather, viewers are invited to appreciate the unique processes and artistic expression in the hand-crafted material manipulation of each artist’s work.

Will Storey creates his artwork from high quality sustainable veneers, card and wood, sculpted by hand & laser and transformed into a mesmerising relief work. His works are a three-dimensional tapestry that captivate the senses, inviting the viewer to explore the artwork from different angles. 

Sung Rim Park will be showing her wall-based artworks crafted from Hanji fibers and cotton thread. Embracing the inherent characteristics of the fibres, she employs a traditional knotting technique, dedicating months to craft highly original, tactile artworks that exude a sense of space and light.

Daniel Mirchev's bold wood carvings are created from birch plywood that he personally hand crafts in his studio in Sofia,

Tony Blackmore creates mathematically-inspired folded reliefs with a single sheet of drafting film; a film traditionally used for architectural drawings.

Michelle McKinney  creates elegantly simple artworks in ultra-fine woven metal. Every element of her work is hand cut, formed and coloured using only heat.

Sara Dodd uses porcelain in its liquid form, slip, together with a subtle range of colours. She reimagines this traditional material into compositions of wafer-thin strata of beauty, delicacy, and strength. These are encased in a beautiful bespoke walnut frame.

Elaine Chan-Perryman explores the possibilities of vegetable-tanned leather as a medium for sculpture and object making. Through a labour-intensive process her sculptural pieces emerge without any structural frame or use of adhesives, relying solely on her skilled hand techniques.

Further Information: Material Transformations Group exhibition