Explore Brighton’s Spookiest Places for Halloween

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Image © Jamie Pryer via Flickr

Get ready for some frightening but informative fun!

You might associate Brighton with sunny beaches, cute shops and cafes galore, but there is a darker side to the seaside town, a spoooookier side, filled with creepy tales and ghostly apparitions. Check out our guide to spooky adventures in Brighton.

What makes being spooked so enjoyable is the history and the stories that go with the jump scares and creeping nerves! In Brighton, there are a few places you can go to for your fix of historical and ghostly…

Image credit: Ghost Walk of the Lanes via Facebook

Brighton offers the superb Ghost Walk of the Lanes. Your tour guide is actor Rob Marks who, whilst decked out in Victorian garb, takes you around seven different spots in Brighton, particularly focusing on the historic old fishing quarter. Rob will lead you from the Old Town Hall, through Black Lion Lane to the Druid’s Head pub, telling stories from Brighton’s history, old and new. The tour has been going for a few years and is a stalwart of Brighton’s cultural life and so not to be missed for those who want some entertainment that’s a little bit different.

If you’d like to visit some historical sites that have an unnerving twist, why not stop by the Old Police Cells Museum, housed in the Old Town Hall. Here you can look at old police cells, and imagine life as a prisoner in the Victorian times, or learn about the murder of the Chief Constable in 1844. On Saturdays, the museum takes ‘paranormal bookings’(!) for a night of spooky experiences, and encourages you to look out for the ghost that roams the upper floors of the building. All tours need to be booked in advance so make sure you get in touch to ensure maximum spookage!

Image credit: Maharg NWorb via Flickr

Near the leafy and serene Preston Park sits something a little more unnerving: Preston Manor, a place TV programme Most Haunted considered the most haunted house in Britain when they filmed there in 2006. The building is said to be home to a blonde nun known as ‘The Lady in White’ and many chilling things are said to have happened there, from unexplained cuts in dresses, to apparitions and mysterious noises. The house regularly hosts a Victorian-style séance to communicate with ‘The White Lady’ and whoever else decides to put in an appearance on the night!