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A dimly lit pizza restaurant with neon signs, illuminating the space in red light. Round tables with black chairs are arranged around the room. Two people are working behind the counter, while one person sits at the bar. Large globe lights hang from the ceiling.
Pizzucci via Bristol 24/7

Bristol punches above its modest head count when it comes to food. Somerset is rich in high-quality fresh seasonal ingredients and when combined with a creative populace that is always hungry and always after the next best bite. From Chinese hot pot to new pizza joints, here are 5 new Spring openings that are on our radar right now…

1 Pizzucci

A promotional graphic with the word Pizzucci in bold, black, vintage-style font centered on a pink and white background filled with various pizza-related stickers and tags.

5 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AL.

Gloucester Road newcomer Pizzucci is a pizza bar opened by the reputable team behind Whiteladies Road's Bosco. With dark brooding interiors and neon-infused lighting, it's a distinctive modern look that understandably puts its pizza in the spotlight. At Pizzucci you can choose the topping but please do proceed with caution - the more topping, the less well-cooked the base will be... Don't say we didn't warn you!

2 Authentic Hot Pot & Noodles

A close-up of a divided hot pot filled with a rich, dark broth. The hot pot sections contain red chili peppers and small round ingredients, likely peppercorns. The broth has a glossy, oily surface and appears very spicy.
Authentic Hot Pot & Noodles

Thomas Lane, Bristol, England BS16JG.

Just off the city centre, Authentic Hot Pot and Noodles are bringing buffet-style Chinese hot pot food to the city, complete with table plate warming trays. What can you expect to pluck from the buffet? Here are some of the seafood and meat options; Squid Tentacles, Baby Octopus, Lamb Rolls, Quail Eggs and Tofu - and then we get to the noodle section! Make sure you've got room for this feast...

Kitchen by Kask

A lively bar scene with people seated at tables and the bar counter, engaging in conversations. Drinks and snacks are spread across the tables, with dim, colorful lighting creating a warm atmosphere. The background showcases a bar area with various decor elements.
Kitchen By Kask

36 North St, Southville, Bristol BS3 1HW.

Kitchen by Kask is a new ‘dining hall’ that will feature a rotating lineup of Bristol's top food establishments. Building on the success of their wine bar Kask (just down the road from the new site) you can expect to see quality drinks lining the menus and matching the food. Malaysian? South African? Vegan? Much needed community kitchen? You’ll find it all here!

Fat Hippo

A close-up of four large, stacked burgers. Each burger is overflowing with toppings, including cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients. The buns are golden and slightly toasted. The variety of ingredients creates a colorful and appetizing display.
Fat Hippo

Lane7 Bristol, Millennium Promenade, Bristol, BS1 5SZ.

Fat Hippo exudes what it says on the tin. Expect lip-smacking family-friendly food that is big and bold. Joining the existing 15 sites across the UK, this new site will be located within Lane7 on Millennium Promenade, a stone's throw from the Harbourside water. So what are Fat Hippo best at? Well, the signature dish is a 100% British beef burger served with a peanut butter and bacon jam topping…

Ramen Zen

A black bowl filled with stir-fried noodles, shrimp, and vegetables sits on a wooden table. A pair of chopsticks is lifting some noodles from the bowl. The background shows a blurred interior of a restaurant with tables and chairs.
Ramen Zen

365 Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol.

With multiple new Japanese restaurant openings in recent times, Bristol is becoming an oasis for Japanese cooking across ramen, sushi and noodles. Joining the ranks is Filton's Japanese noodle bar Ramen Zen which is serving up umami-heavy tonkotsu soup, delicate noodles and a plethora of proteins across meat and seafood. Complimented nicely with warm service, this is hot, steamy and spicy eating at its very best! Takeaway available.