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Unleash your inner artist in the Big Smoke! Explore our guide to the top sketch-tacular spots of London...

Got a blank canvas and a craving for creativity? Whether you're dusting off that long-forgotten sketchbook or sharpening your pencils for a fresh adventure, London's got the perfect palette for every artist. From seasoned sketchers seeking new vistas to novices ready to make their mark, we've curated a sketch-tacular guide to the city's top spots where inspiration flows as freely as the Thames.

Natural History Museum

 Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, United Kingdom

Enter the wild world of sketching at the Natural History Museum, where creatures great and small pose perfectly still for your artistic endeavors. It's a haven for budding artists eager to capture the essence of nature without the pesky problem of subjects scurrying away. For those seeking a serene sketching session, aim for a weekday during term time to dodge the stampedes of tourists. Wander through the 'Birds' and 'Mammals' corridors, where an array of specimens await your pencil's touch. Don't miss the 'Images of Nature' section, where you can leave your mark on paper, with the chance of your masterpiece earning its spot on display. If you really fancy getting stuck in, grab some tickets to their Draw and Explore event- where youll have an exclusive up close specimin tour for £15 per person.

Richmond Park

Ready to take your sketching skills from still life to wildlife?With a cast of characters including deer, birds of 144 feathered varieties, and even stag beetles strutting their stuff, you'll have no shortage of subjects to bring to life on paper. From foxes to rabbits, voles to vibrant plant species, this park is a veritable smorgasbord of sketch-worthy scenes. And let's not forget the picturesque landscape views that'll have you reaching for your sketchpad faster than you can say 'draw-some!

Columbia Road Flower Market

 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

With a kaleidoscope of houseplants, flowers, and exotic species as your muse, your sketchbook will burst into full bloom with vibrant colors and delicate details. But beware, navigating through the bustling crowd is like a thorny maze, so sharpen your skills in crowd scene sketching and prepare to capture the hustle and bustle with finesse. Remember, this floral frenzy only blooms on Sundays, so seize the opportunity to sketch your way through this fragrant feast while sharpening your speed-drawing skills.

Little Venice

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From the quaint riverside houses standing tall like watercolor masterpieces to the graceful glide of canal boats dancing on the waves, there's no shortage of scenic splendor to capture on paper. And let's not forget the wildlife and cozy cafes adding their own flair to the canvas of this serene scene. So grab your sketchbook, channel your inner Monet, and let the creativity flow as freely as the waters of Little Venice!

Greenwich Observatory

With unparalleled vistas of London's skyline in every direction, this stellar spot offers aspiring artists the perfect perspective for capturing the city's iconic silhouette. But the observatory itself is no mere backdrop; its magnificent baroque architecture and imposing domes demand attention and admiration, begging to be immortalized on paper. If you'd prefer to venture outside of the naked eyeline, join one of the observatory's sketching classes, where you can get close and personal with the moon and mars in the planetarium.