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Five Fabulous Full English Breakfasts In London

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E Pellicci via Facebook

There's nothing better than a fry up and no better way to start your day, here's where to find the best full english brekkies in London...

There's no better way to begin your day, or finish it, or keep it going than with the staple British breakfast. Starting in the dining rooms of Victorian Britain and thereon cemented in British dining history during the 1950's as workers crammed the day's energy into a meal. The fry is known and loved by anyone. Today it's served across London with innovative variations and vegan and veggie options to satisfy all types of foodie. 

We've done the difficult stuff and hopped around London to figure out where the most fantastic fry-ups are hiding. Read on to discover where you should get your next full English!


E Pellicci via Facebook

332 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E2 0AG

East End landmark E. Pellicci has been serving delicious meals for over a century, and though it's hard to pick which of their hearty dishes are the best, their Full English Breakfast is truly a household gem. It's a location frequented by both tourists and regulars alike not only for it's fantastic food but for it's homely vibe and warm service having even been a favourite of the infamous Kray twins. 

Their full English is served with quality ingredients and mouthwatering extras including bubble and squeak, elevating the dish further. Whilst the building has been awarded a Grade II listing, we think their fry-up deserves a huge bout of recognition too. Choose from either their classic set consisting of your standard sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and fried toast, or opt for their 'Have the Lot' coming with extra servings of meat. There are also veggie options too. With their English Breakfasts starting at £10, it's affordable, filling and as close to British brekkie perfection as you can get. Explore the menu here.

Regency Café

17-19 Regency St, London SW1P 4BY

Where simple is savoured... Regency Café opened in 1946 near Westminster and is a workers favourite. Designed in the Art Deco style with the walls adorned with photographs of Tottenham Hotspur footballs players, and tiling, it's famed not only for it's food but for having appeared on the movie scene too; making cameos in Layer Cake, Brighton Rock and Pride. 

But, we digress, the real gem of this café is their Full English breakfast and honest pricing. A set breakfast with the full shabbang costs just £6 whilst smaller combinations of ingredients are less. Best yet, you can mix and match ingredients to your preffered ratio... a head nod to the fact that each family may make their fry up a little differently. So why not enjoy it that way! 

Whilst they don't accept reservations, Regency Café can get packed pretty quick so we recommend you going early, or outside of busier times including rush hour and lunch. 

You can explore their menu more here.

HOB- Heart Of Balham

HOB via Facebook

113 Balham High Rd, London SW12 9AP

Nestled in Balham where brunch options are a plenty, and we're spoilt with traditional café's serving fry ups left, right and centre is the heart... or the Heart Of Balham. This North African café on the High Road is a cosy spot that gets packed pretty quickly, and we know exactly why... aside from the many flavoursome dishes they have on offer to their customers they serve a phenomenal halal full English breakfast. Complete with sourdough bread, free range eggs, organic smoked bacon, mushrooms, roasted seasoned potatoes and beans it's the delight of the morning menu. There's even a vegan option with vegan sausage and smashed avocado!


Dishoom via Facebook

Mutliple Locations

Offering a delightful twist on the full english is Dishoom, inspired by the old Irani cafés of Bombay, Dishoom prides itself as a place that celebrates differences and what better what to do so than to offer an innovative take on the much loved British Brekkie. Whilst their menu is packed flavours of the east such as curries, sheesh kebabs and spicy masala, the real treat is The Big Bombay... same as your usual English breakfast, just mixed in with complimenting Indian flavours. Other options include the Kejriwal, The Parsi Omelette and the Keema Per Edu- all variations that will take your tastebuds travelling. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives are available.

This marriage of eastern and western flavours has truly gone down a hit, and with restaurants dotted across London, it's easy to get your full English fix whenever the cravings hit! 

To make a reservation, click here.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club via Facebook

Multiple Locations

Ending with the obvious, The Breakfast Club. As the name may suggest, breakfast is kind of a thing here and boy do they know how to make a full English. With thirteen locations across London they're easy to come across no matter where you find yourself in the capital. Their understated attitude and their all-day breakfast menu packed with delicious comfort food isn't the only reason we love this joint. The Breakfast Club also have a drinks menu filled with cocktails, bubbles and beer to enjoy... boozy brunch anyone? 

Tuck into a Full Monty for the English breakfast experience extravaganza, tossed with all that we love and know including bacon, sausage, crispy homestyle potatoes, portobello mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, beans, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, eggs & toast... and if meats not your thing, why not try the vegan or veggie spoon with 2 veggie sausage, 2 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, Portobello mushrooms, roasted cherry vine tomatoes & baked beans. 

So keep an eye out for the little yellow caf serving quintessentially British comfort food next time you're exploring the city. 

For weekends we recommend making a reservation, to do so, click here.