Top 5 Car Boot Sales in London

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If you’re looking for a bargain this Sunday, here’s our guide to the best car boot sales re-opening in London.

(A word of advice: arrive for the start. The first hour of trading is when the gold is usually found). 

Capital Car Boot Sale

This indoor and outdoor affair is jam packed with stalls, and one of the best car boot sales for clothes. The crowd is fairly young and trendy, and the quality of offerings is high. There’s a good mix of professional stall-holders and casual clearers, and it’s highly likely you’ll end up a few quid lighter by the time you’re done here. 

Capital Car Boot is found at Pimlico Academy, SW1V 3AT, every Sunday. Entry costs £7 from 10am, £5 from 11am and £1 from 11:30am. 

Image © Facebook via @Batterseacarboot

Battersea Boot

Battersea Boot is not for the faint hearted, but it’s one of the best car boots in South West London and the later start is a nice touch - though arriving too late in the day can make for slim pickings. Time it right though, and there are some great items to be found - our trip was rewarded with an Armani denim jacket for £15. 

Battersea Boot is located at Harris Academy, SW11 5AP, every Sunday. Entry costs £5 from midday, £3 from 12:30pm or £1 from 1:30pm. 

Holloway Car Boot Sale

Holloway Car Boot Sale is free to enter, and there’s no website - this is proper, old-fashioned car booting - but you can rest assured it’ll there this Sunday, regular as clockwork. You’ll be hard pushed to find any high-end items here, but there’s plenty for anyone with a keen eye at North London’s best car boot sale. 

Holloway Car Boot Sales is found on Holloway Road, opposite the Odeon Cinema, every Sunday from 10am. Entry is free. 

Image © Instagram via @peckham.carboot

Peckham Car Boot

A relative new kid on the block, the crowd at this excellent car boot is definitely the youngest - which makes sense given its trendy location - and it’s definitely the best car boot sale in South East London (not to say the one of the best boot sales for clothes). 

Peckham Car Boot is located at Harris Academy, SE15 5DZ, and entry costs £1 from 10:30am.

Princess May Car Boot Sale

Another trendier option, the Stoke Newington location and extra Saturday opening endears the Princess May to young vintage shoppers across town. Early bird entry is advised for the real bargains (and we mean early - it opens at 7am!) though there’s still plenty to shop for if you get there later. 

Princess May Car Boot Sale is located at Princess May School, N16 8DF, every Saturday and Sunday. Entry costs £5 from 7am or £1 from 9am.