Drop Shadows

1 March 2024 to 14 March 2024 Sims Reed Gallery

Katherine Jones RA Blinkers, 2023 Oil and acrylic on panel 23 x 30.5 x 2cm

An exhibition bringing together new work by Katherine Jones RA and Temsuyanger Longkumer

Sims Reed Gallery and Oliver Projects are delighted to present Drop Shadows — a unique exhibition bringing together, for the first time, two contemporary artists - Katherine Jones RA and Temsuyanger Longkumer. The exhibition will be a fusion of artistic visions the delicate and often deceptive minutia of the natural world, through painting, sculpture and printmaking.

Having known each other as part of London's printmaking community for over twenty years, Herefordshire-born artist Katherine Jones RA and Temsuyanger Longkumer, who grew up in Nagaland, Northeast India have formed a special and close friendship. Despite vastly different upbringings, their aligned artistic practices share an intense fascination with the subtly transformative forces of nature, and its power to represent both danger and refuge.

In Drop Shadows, the artists explore nature's intricacies through three different art forms: painting, printmaking and sculpture. A renowned and accomplished printmaker, Jones has recently stepped outside her comfort zone to devote time to painting; this new body of unique works will be exhibited for the first time in this exhibition. Working on paper and wood panels, these works are investigating anthropomorphism in plants and parasites.

Jones' vibrant new imagery, featuring rainbow-hued wings, gleaming eyes, and wobbly cacti, hovers between figuration and abstraction. Gently surreal and ambiguous, each composition is infused with - in the artist’s words "a bit of magical thinking". This will contrast with Longkumer’s deeply symbolic objects which sit in quiet dialogue with the eerie luminosity that characterises Jones’ limited edition prints and paintings.

Earthy and tactile, Longkumer’s new collection of unique terracotta sculptures form the core of his multi-disciplinary artistic practice (his multi-media installation 'Home' was recently presented at the Venice International Film Festival.) Longkumer's curvaceous, organic forms focus on the mysterious world of microorganisms but are also reminiscent of rolling landscapes and the human body, with skin or scale-like surfaces. The artist’s additions of pins and spikes appear both menacing and protective, representing nature’s wily ability to deceive.

Drop Shadows will be open to the public on Friday 1st March 2024 until 14th March (private view: Thursday 29th February).

Further Information:  Exhibitions Archive - Sims Reed Gallery