Fatima Yamaha - at EartH

8 March 2024 EartH

The once-anonymous Fatima Yamaha brings their funky electro stylings to Hackney's famous EartH venue for a carefree eve of boogie.

Before anyone knew Fatima Yamaha was the solo project of Dutch artist Bas Bron, they were only known as “a young lady born to a Japanese father and a Turkish mother”. 

Once What's A Girl To Do blew up beyond the realm of imagination, his identity became common knowledge, with few aware that he had been active in electronic scenes since the mid-90s. 

Defined by their great attention to melody, supported by heart-pounding beats in a sleek, sophisticated techno style, Fatima Yamaha became a household name in dance over the last decade.

Percolate and Small Talk are joining forces to throw a high-magnitude party for one of the greatest, at none other than Hackney's EartH. Typically, Fatima Yamaha performs as an eight-piece band, but until you get there on the night, who knows. His DJ sets, particularly his Boiler Room set, are still held in high regard.