Where to Watch the Euros 2024 in Brighton

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A group of ecstatic soccer fans in a pub, adorned with flags, celebrate a goal. The fans, wearing team jerseys, cheer with fists raised in the air. The atmosphere is joyous and vibrant, with drinks on the table and one fan capturing the moment on a phone.

Our guide to watching the Euros in Brighton. All the best bars and pubs to watch the footy!

The Duke of Wellington

A white-painted pub named The Duke of Wellington stands on a sunny street corner. The building features flower boxes, a Welcome sign, and advertisements for beer and sport in its courtyard. A no-entry sign is visible at the corner. Other buildings are in the background.
Image via Duke of Wellington

Right in the middle of it all, the railway station-adjacent Duke of Wellington attracts locals, tourists, and all in between for a jovial Euro viewing experience. 

The Round Georges

A two-story pub with olive green exterior walls and a sign reading The Round Georges in gold letters. Flower baskets hang near the entrance. Wooden picnic tables are positioned outside. Residential homes and parked cars line the street beside the pub.
Image via Geograph

Just a push away from the middle of town, here's the locals spot to enjoy the Euros, at a quintessential English joint.

The Walrus

A cozy room features two patterned armchairs in front of a dark stone fireplace with an ornate gold mirror above it. Wallpaper with floral designs decorates the upper walls, while framed pictures and a tall potted plant add to the elegant, vintage ambiance.
Image via Sussex Visitor

For the more hoity-toity, The Walrus is on the classier end of our Euro boozer list. No need to worry about rowdy 20-somethings throwing their overpriced pint all over your nice retro England shirt. 

Fountain Head

A cozy bar interior with a long wooden counter, various drink taps, and hanging warm lights. The seating area includes white and wooden chairs around small tables. The decor features dark walls, large mirrors, and several potted plants, creating a welcoming atmosphere.
Image via Fountain Head

A classy wooden bar, exposed brick, and low ceilings. You may come this month for the Euro's, but you'll come back for the Tex-Mex menu and, get this, pottery classes. 


A brightly lit, eclectic bar and restaurant with a mix of rustic and modern decor. The bar is adorned with colorful, weathered wood panels. Pendant lights hang from a wave-patterned ceiling. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout the space with various decorations.
Image via Sidewinder

Right in the heart of Brighton's chiller Kemptown, Sidewinder offers one of the best beer gardens in town, and enough screens for the viewing pleasure of all. 

The Railway Bell

A quaint pub called The Railway Bell has a white and black facade with red brick accents. Vibrant flower boxes adorn the windows. There are multiple chimneys on the roof. A No Entry sign is in the foreground next to chalkboard signs promoting events.
Image via Pinterest

One of the few spots in the country where watching enough Euros earns you free pints via a stamp system, The Railway Bell gives you no reason to ever leave its four walls.

The Pump House

A historic, black-brick building with the sign Pump House on the front and side. It has large windows, some with green plants on the sill, and hanging flower baskets. The street is sunny, and neighboring buildings are visible, including a curved modern structure.
Image via Brighton Beer Blog

An unaffected, old-school pub with a classic English menu, The Pump House provides a warm and authentic Euros viewing experience.

The Bath Arms

A lively street scene showcases the exterior of Bath Arms pub, adorned with colorful string lights and bunting. Three people are seated at a table outside the pub, nearby is a jeweller's shop with a vibrant display window. The atmosphere is festive and inviting.
Image via Shepherd Neame Brewery

Highly rated by locals and unmissed by tourists, the oldest licensed pub in the area is still going strong with a restaurant-calibre food and drinks menu. Enjoy a classy meal to the sound of England losing. 

The Ancient Mariner

A large, cozy-looking pub or restaurant with warm lighting and festive decorations is seen glowing at dusk. The building has a red and white facade, multiple windows, and a fenced-in outdoor seating area. A sign reads The Ancient Mariner above the entrance.

One of Hove's best offerings, The Ancient Mariner boasts pottery classes, folk nights, and now, Euros viewings, on a bleeding massive screen.

The Signalman

Outdoor seating area with wooden picnic tables and benches set on artificial grass, decorated with colorful string lights and bunting. The area is shaded by umbrellas and surrounded by greenery, creating a festive, inviting atmosphere.

Modern, sleek, gastropub that surprisingly hosts the Euros also serves a banging menu of British and international classics that rival restaurants.

Fiddler's Elbow

A traditional pub with a black façade, named Solers Elbow. It has hanging lanterns, flower boxes with vibrant flowers above the entrance, and several chalkboard signs advertising a Sunday roast, live music, and quiz night. The windows have white frames.

Whether your business is drinking six Guinnesses or raucously singing to Irish folk classics, the Fiddler's Elbow adds the Euros to its standard rota of open mics nights and Irish folk eves. And it goes to the wee small hours.