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Art by Gaurab Thakali

From jazz shows at Alexandra Palace to sell-out stadium shows a la Taylor Swift, these are the biggest and best gig tickets which you should book right about now to avoid inevitable disappointment.

The Prodigy - UK Tour

Image via Billboard

Iconic 90's electronic group embark on another UK tour this winter, hitting Manchester and Leeds five times apiece.

Their Ally Pally gig is selling out fast, so speculative Southerner's may have to embark on an M1 escapade should they want to see their favourite weirdo's onstage. 

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New Order - UK tour

Their first UK tour in a good few years, the introduction-redundant New Order once again grace the big stage to the delight of all.

There’s not much new that can be said about the group, as their intergenerational appeal has helped them maintain huge popularity for decades; is there anyone who doesn't know 'Blue Monday'? Frankly I don't want to know. For that reason, tickets will go fast and time is running out!

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The Streets - UK tour

Announcing a string of tour dates from the country, The Streets are on the road again, bringing their signature brand of ironic, witty, poetic garage across the nation.

An iconic live presence, Mike Skinner will often begin Mcing before arriving on stage, either backstage or in the corridor, before launching into a raucous applause upon launch. His mix of nonchalance and stucatto energy has made him one of the best live tickets for the last 20 years.

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Bombay Bicycle Club - at Alexandra Palace

Photo of Bombay Bicycle Club performing live
Image via buzzmag

One of the darlings of the UK's late 2000s/early 2010s indie scene, featuring on many a Channel 4 coming-of-age comedy-drama, Bombay Bicycle Club are planning to sell out Alexandra Palace, almost exactly fifteen years after the release of their iconic debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose.

After taking a hiatus in 2016, with frontman releasing charting records under the moniker Mr. Jukes, they reformed in 2019, but with their touring immediately curtailed by Covid. They have performed a number of dates since, but this date at Ally Pally will be their show of the decade. 

See tickets here.

Everything Everything - UK Tour

Photograph of UK band Everything Everything
Image via Alchetron

Speaking of early 2010s Indie darlings, the left-field, indie-electronica outfit Everything Everything are performing a number of dates across the UK, many of which already sold out.

After spending a few years confined to UK indie radio and festival circuits, they found international fame after their 2015 release Get To Heaven, iconic for its highly pop-influenced sound with indie sensibilities and typically odd lyrics. 

Tickets are close to selling out, many of which are on limited availability, so get on it now!

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Jungle - UK Tour

Image via NME

Not the 90s UK dance genre but instead the British electro-funk duo, Jungle, when they go live, are a minimum 7-piece band whose live sound comes across identical to their recording. Known for being an incredibly tight band live, their shows regularly sell out, and whatever festival they grace, they assume headliner duties. 

One of the UK's best exports in the 2010s, if you've never seen a Jungle show, here's your chance. 

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Hozier - UK Tour

Photo of Hozier performing at All Saints Church, Kingston, London
Image via River Online

One of the great singer-songwriters of our time, the towering Hozier announced a number of dates throughout the UK this summer, almost immediately after closing up a successful UK tour last year. Never stays inactive for too long does he. 

Known for the bleeding obvious 'Take Me To Church', the fanbase he has built for his deeply poetic lyrics, limitless vocal range, and intriguing compositions, now barely even remembers that radio song. His loyal fanbase may just buy up all the tickets before you get a chance to, so consider this a warning. 

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Sleaford Mods - UK Tour

Image via NME

Punk might be dead, or somewhere in the ICU, but the angry, comedic, irreverent, and lonely spirit of punk is kicking, screaming, and throwing a moody on the ground that Sleaford Mods walk upon.

Their new album, UK GRIM, makes no attempts to appease or delight, other than through satirical, hilarious jabs at the modern culture.

A meeting of hip-hop-style beats and punk vocals and aesthetics, they’ve become a darling of the undergrounds Overground line.

See tickets here.

Mika - UK Tour

Pop singer-songwriter extraordinaire Mika is gracing the UK with a good couple dates in 2024, accompanied by an international tour. Rising to fame now 16 years ago with Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika has never once slowed down apart from when lockdown laws prevented touring, and even in that time he was spear-heading projects from street art to television.

A magical talent with the voice of an impossibly-grown eunuch, Mika shows are a guaranteed hoot, a big gay day out for all the kids. 

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Taylor Swift - UK Tour

Image via 8days

The obligatory Taylor Swift listing. In order to get these tickets, you pretty much have to book a year in advance and take out a high-interest loan from a bank. Organ-selling isn't necessarily off the cards either. 

But to see possibly the biggest American female artist of the last two decades perform hits from across her discography? Well, if you’re a Swifty or even Swifty-adjacent, you’d be foolish not to consider. Just get there first.  

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